Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year’s Resolutions and U.S. Cellular

Mobile devices can help us stay on track when it comes to reaching goals. Whether it’s finding ways to stay healthy, finding new recipes to cook more or taking more photos to stay connected with friends and family, U.S. Cellular is sharing ways to help people reach their resolutions and to be able to create Better Moments for themselves and others in the New Year.  I have and continue to use my tablet for researching healthier recipes.  I always tweak it a little bit to suit my family, but the recipes on the internet are endless.  I am interested in taking a look at some of the new apps below that U.S. Cellular is offering.

U.S. Cellular wants you to start this year off right, so checkout some great apps to download based on what your resolutions are – some examples are below:

o    Get fit:  MyFitnessPal can help you stick to your workout regimen and stay motivated as you improve your fitness and get in shape. The app helps you create personalized workout programs and delivers progress reports as you work towards your personal goals. It also has a database of over 3,000,000 foods to help monitor your caloric intake and daily diet. MyFitnessPal can also connect you to your friends so that you can encourage each other and provide extra motivation.  Support while getting healthier and losing weight is definitely helpful and motivating to keep you on track.

o    Manage your finances: Looking to improve your money  management? Mintanalyzes your personal finance accounts and is a convenient way to track your spending, create budgets and start saving money. The app can even send you alerts regarding upcoming bills, unusual activity and low balances.

o    Improve your diet: Lose It! tracks your caloric intake and monitors your diet, helping you manage your weekly calorie budget and ensure that you are consuming the proper foods. It also integrates with sites such as Facebook and Twitter so you can stay updated on the progress your friends are making.

o    Learn something new: Ever wonder exactly how the stock market works or simply feel the need to brush up on your math skills? Khan Academy features an extensive library covering mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, humanities, finance and history with easy to digest lessons taught by education experts. The app allows you to track your progress and earn badges while challenging yourself to become proficient in topics you might never thought you could have.  My son's school has used Khan Academy throughout his middle school years, and I think he really enjoys it, not just homework he has to do.  And looking forward to high school next year, I might just need some refresher courses.

o    Stay in touch: After the holidays wind down, staying in touch with family can be difficult. But video communication apps such as Skype help shorten the distance between our friends and family and provide the opportunity to create better moments with them. Skype provides the ability to have a face-to-face conversation with someone, even if they are hundreds of miles away.

I'd love you to write in the comments below to share and your New Year’s resolutions and tell me how you plan on using your mobile devices to meet your goals.  What mobile device do you have?  GS4, Tablet, or Ipad Air??

Disclosure:  I have been compensated by U.S. Cellular as a U.S. Cellular Blog Ambassador. All opinions expressed are my own.

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