Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Today was a snow day here.  So, how to keep my son away from his XBox 360 for a few minutes?  Food.  I saw a recipe in American Profile a week ago or so and cut it out.  Last week I bought a new bottle of vanilla extract and a graham cracker crust. For our own version of this pie, we used a regular graham cracker crust and whipped topping.   We had chocolate hazelnut and some regular peanut butter on hand.  I do not have a food processor and my electric hand mixer got all the peanut butter up the beaters, so I finished mixing with a spoon.   Now to do the dishes and wait 2 hours until we take it out of the freezer.

Here is a link to the original recipe from Allison McDonald.


Note:  I purchased all ingredients on my own and received no compensation for this post.  Just wanted to share a delicious recipe.